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Leaf Huang
Leaf Huang
Professor of Biomedical Engineering
Fred N. Eshelman Distinguished Professor and Chair, UNC School of Pharmacy
BS Physics, 1964-1968, National Taiwan University

Ph.D. Biophysics, Michigan State University
2316 Kerr Hall
UNC Chapel Hill
Chapel Hill, NC

Microsystems Engineering
We design novel nanobiomaterials for delivery of siRNA, miRNA, peptide and chemo drugs for cancer therapy.
1. Chen, Y., Sen J., Bathula, S., Yang, Q., Fittipaldi, R., and Huang, L. Novel Cationic Lipid That Delivers siRNA and Enhances Therapeutic Effect in Lung Cancer Cells. Molecular Pharmaceutics. 6:696-705, 2009. (PMCID: PMC2763490)

2. Li, S-D, Huang, L. Nanoparticles Evading the Reticuloendothelial System: Role of the Supported Bilayer. Biochim. Biophys. Acta – Biomembranes. 1788:2259 – 2266, 2009 (PMCID: PMC2757503)

3. Li, J., Chen, Y-C., Tseng, Y-C., Mozumdar, S., and Huang, L. Biodegradable Calcium Phosphate Nanoparticle with Lipid Coating for Systemic siRNA Delivery. Journal of Controlled Release. (In press).

4. Chen, Y., Wu, J.J., and Huang, L. Nanoparticles Targeted with NGR Motif Deliver c-Myc siRNA and Doxorubicin for Anticancer Therapy. Molecular Therapy. (In press).

5. Liu, F., Frick, A., Yuan, X., and Huang, L. Dysopsonin Activity of Serum DNA-Binding Proteins Favorable for Gene Delivery. J. Pharm. Expt. Ther. Published on October 28, 2009 as DOI:10.1124/jpet.109.159541