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The Joint Department of Biomedical Engineering (BME) is an academic department co-located at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and NC State University and was established on December 1, 2003, linking the School of Medicine at UNC-CH to the College of Engineering at NC State. At NC State, we currently offer a BS in Biomedical Engineering. At UNC-CH, we offer the BME concentration in the Applied Sciences undergraduate degree program. On both campuses, we offer joint MS and PhD degrees in Biomedical Engineering. The department has administrative offices on both campuses (NCSU: 4130 Engineering Building III; UNC-CH: 152 MacNider Hall).

News & Events

Join BME in Congratulating Dr. Helen Huang—the New Director of the Rehabilitation Engineering Center!

Please join us in offering Professor Helen Huang your warmest congratulations on her recent appointment as the director of the Rehabilitation Engineering Center (REC) at NC State and UNC. The REC, like BME itself, unites the University of North Carolina and NC State University in order to encourage and engender groundbreaking collaborative science between the two institutions.  The Co-Interim Director of the Center, Dr. Rick Wysk, commented that Dr. Huang is the “perfect person for this opportunity.” Louis Martin-Vega, the Dean of NC State's College of Engineering, in addition to offering his congratulations, noted that he “looks forward to her leadership in this very special and unique effort in our College!” With her innovative research in the creation of neural-machine interfacing technologies, Dr. Huang is perfectly positioned and qualified to lead the Rehabilitation Engineering Center as it continues to prosper and grow. Congratulations to Helen on this exciting new step in her career!

BME’s Subha Rekha Balasubramanyam Nominated for NCSU’s College of Engineering Awards for Excellence
Please join us in giving a heartfelt congratulations to Rekha on her nomination for one of the College of Engineering’s Awards for Excellence at NCSU! At the University level, an Award for Excellence is the most prestigious honor given to non-faculty employees. They are awarded to NCSU employees who have performed services or made accomplishments of such outstanding merit as to justify special recognition. This nomination at the College level recognizes Rekha as one of ten outstanding staff members in the College of Engineering in 2014. She clearly deserves this nomination and recognition for her dedication, friendliness, and overall outstanding work as BME’s Administrative Manager at NCSU.
BME Graduate Student Rachel Nordberg Wins NC Space Grant Graduate Research Fellowship
Rachel Nordberg, a doctoral student working with Dr. Elizabeth Loboa, has been selected as one of NC Space Grant’s Graduate Research Fellows for 2014! As a fellowship recipient in this program, Rachel will receive funding to conduct research that investigates bone loss in space. Her research will examine a cell-signaling pathway known to be involved with bone loss in space. She will look particularly at LRP Proteins, which have not yet been focused on in research. Seeing how these proteins react to mechanical stimuli will shed light on why astronauts lose bone in space and will potentially determine a way to prevent that bone loss pharmaceutically. Congratulations to Rachel on this funding and recognition!